What started off as a handful of button-down shirts under the brand name Pocket Change gradually evolved into the contemporary streetwear brand PROPER BLEND.  As more designs were developed and awareness for our brand grew, so did our collection.  Midway through the 2012 season, we dove right into graphic tees. Shortly after, we added our first-ever knits and sweatshirts. Progressive changes were taking place and as a team we stepped back and realized one major change was necessary. That is when we decided to rename the brand and call our newfound glory Proper Blend.

Proper Blend clothing continues with the same focus and vision. When it comes to fit, we strive to create clothing that not only looks good but is comfortable. Then comes the appearance of the items. Our team works tireless hours and pushes to focus on designs and details to bring the merchandise to life. Whether it is the careful selection of a fabric or the precise layout of the pockets, we take great pride in our work. We make sure every article of Proper Blend clothing is unique and versatile, and "Blended for Glory".

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